Kennel Update!


To say I’m excited, is a complete understatement. This has always been the dream since I knew I wanted to breed full time, and because of all you faithful Clients, who love our puppies, THE DREAM IS REALITY!

Our TOP of the line Kennels are ALMOST DONE! I’m talking trim, paint and wallpaper are going up and it is beautiful. Absolutely perfect.

Years ago, I cut out pictures of what I wanted my Kennels to “look” like and I can say with full confidence, they are better than I imagined. I guess patience does pay off. Even though I’m reallllllly bad at patience! Ha!

I cannot wait to bring you finished photos and videos!

From in floor heating to perfect light fixtures and private welping rooms with dutch doors, the kennels will not only be beautiful, but they will be raising the most perfect puppies!


Shaylyn Matthews